Third through Sixth Grade Title Services

    This year we started a new program to use with our third through sixth grade students "Making Meaning" Vocabulary which is an extension of our Balance Literacy program.  Vocabulary plays a critical role in our children's  growth as readers.  If they do not understand the words they are reading, children cannot make sense of the text.  Making Meaning Vocabulary is a year long program that incorporates the latest research in vocabulary instruction to give our students the boost that they need in word power. 

    Making Meaning Vocabulary is designed to be taught in conjunction with the Making Meaning comprehension program.  Making Meaning is unique in its blend of academic instruction and support for students' social and ethical development.  The program teaches high-utility words found in the Making Meaning read aloud texts.  The students learn 4-8 words, lessons are designed to take 20-30 minutes each.  The lessons combine direct instruction in word meanings with activities that require the students to think deeply about the words and use them as they talk with their partners and the class.  The activities are designed to be both challenging and fun and to help instill in your children a love of words and an appreciation for learning new words. 

    We have found for students to develop the rich and varied vocabulary they need to communicate effectively and succeed academically, direct instruction in specific words is needed.  These words are introduced in context and are provided with a student friendly definition of the words and examples of the way the word can be used.  Students are given the opportunities to engage actively with the words in meaningful ways when they first encounter it, such as by applying it to their own experiences.  Students practice using the words through engaging activities, thus building a strong vocabulary.