Second Grade Title Services

    In second grade our Title Students are working on The Sound Partners Program.  This program is an intensive reading program for students.  Our students spend 30 minutes a day and work 4 to 5 days a week with this program.  Each of the Sound Partner lessons include a combination of the following components.  Students practice reading (decoding) and spelling (encoding) sounds, words, sentences, and text.  In the beginning students practice saying the sound associated with a letter or letter pair and practices writting the letter(s) with a sound.  Segmenting is another skill that our students work on, by saying one sound at a time.  The student reads words by saying their sounds and blending them aloud.  Students then spell words by listening for and writing down the sequence of sounds in the word.  We also practice reading words that can not be sounded out.  They read sentences made up of taught sight words and decodable sight  words.  They practice reading and spelling (writing) words and nonwords with new letter pairs, compound words and multisyllable words.  Our students then practice reading newly taught sounds and words in a story.  This gives our students experience in successful book reading that is matched to their instruction level.  This practice helps students become more fluent readers.