Read Naturally Information

    Struggling readers often read word-by word, laboriously, and haltingly; these are the symptoms of a fluency problem.  We know that fluency is an important component of good reading, and research supports their view by demonstrating that fluency is highly correlated with reading comprehension.  Students become fluent by reading - the very thing that struggling readers do not do well.  These students will not or cannot independently read books.  When asked to read silently or quietly, they sometimes pretend to read or just look at pictures.  Moreover, struggling readers read many fewer words than their classmates during their instructional and independent reading time, so the gap between them and their peers continually widens.

    Struggling readers need a safe, structured, and highly motivating opportunity to engage in reading on a daily basis.  READ NATURALLY was developed by by a teacher to explicitly address the issues of fluency.  Read naturally is a computer based program that combines teacher modeling, repeated reading, and progress monitoring into a single process that has shown positive results for many struggling readers.

    Our students select an appropriate leveled story from a set of 12 stories.  Key words are read to the student to learn the correct pronunciation and the definitions of key words.  Our students then write a prediction using the story title, pictures and key words from the story.  The students then reads the story for one minute to get a baseline measurement of how many words the student can read correctly in one minute.  After the student does their cold timing they read along while listening to a fluent reader read the story.  Reading along helps learn unknown words and encourages proper phrasing, pronunciation, and expression.  Our students practice reading the story until able to read it aloud at a predetermined goal rate.  A short comprehension quiz is given at the end of the story and they also retell the story in their own words as this is another way to check comprehension.  One of the Title I Staff then listens as your child reads aloud for one minute.  We then review the results together.

    Mastering a story allows students to build fluency and confidence.  The students are given a challenging goal and they see immediate feedback on progress towards that goal,  motivating him or her to read and improve.  After completing a story, students can see before and after feedback, making them aware of and responsible for their own progress.  We have found this program to be very motivating and very rewarding for our students!