Kindergarten Title I Services

    We as adults recognize the obvious relationship between speech and print.  This relationship is far less obvious to our young children.  To understand the link between speech and print, our children must become aware that speech can be segmented into words, into syllables, and finally into smaller pieces called phonemes.   It is these phonemic units of speech that are represented in print. Basically phonological awareness is an awareness of the phonological segments in speech - the segments of speech that are more or less represented by the letters of the alphabet.  If children are not aware that the spoken word "fun," for example, has three segments, they wont be able to understand why fun is written with three letters.

    We are very excited about starting a new program with our Title I Kindergarten Students after spring break - "Road To The Code, " which is a phonological awareness program for young children.  This program has lots of hands on educational activities that I am sure that the children will enjoy and will help them with breaking the code of how to read.